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Rohan Sewani
Intern at McKinsey and Co.

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So my first question to you is, what is the general interview process for the company you applied to intern for?

Hello everyone. So the specific role was for McKinsey Knowledge Center at Supply Chain Center of Competence. My interview process is divided into 3 rounds, in which includes 2 were technical and 1 was Case + HR round.

So Rohan my next question is what was the nature of questions and what were the different types of questions that were asked in the HR round?

On the technical side as my profile and internship profile both were on the supply chain side. It was very technical on the operations research and supply chain management related theory and how my previous internships and practical implementations have been. That was about the technical round, and there was simple case based round and the HR questions were also normal level questions.

Thanks, Rohan for letting us know. Also could you tell us, what are the questions that are frequently asked in each round which are mostly difficult for many students, specifically in HR round ?

I believe the major questions which were asked were related to scheduling, routing and inventory management because these are the major topics on which the project or internships depends and mostly all the interns who were with me were to be working on. So I think these are basic things that are included in each round of technical and HR round.

Okay Rohan thanks for this, lets move to the next question. How did you prepare for your interview ,did you follow any resources. Also could you list the courses that would benefit the students of this field?

In general, my profile relates a lot to supply chain as my previous internships and publications and all my projects here at Kharagpur are related to supply chain and optimisation, also about from where students should prepare there is a course called “Logistics and Supply Chain Management” in Industrial Department whose resources are very helpful for any supply chain logistics related interviews or courses or competitions anything.

Thanks for your valuable information Rohan and the next question is , How to prepare for the internships during our stay at campus and how did you get prepared while you were at it.Also what are your suggestions for the students who are preparing for technical and HR rounds at present and how did you prepared yourself for technical and HR rounds?

So,for me it was that I had only applied to the companies which are related to supply chain and here also at McKinsey &Company I came to know that there is a team called “Supply Chain Center”. So I applied to them through “LinkedIn”. For a general preparation in supply chain you need a very specific knowledge in the field of Operations Research, Data Sciences and the general supply chain management courses like the one I mentioned before. When it comes to case interview, you have to prepare in the general way of the consultancy case interview but from different books which are provided for different companies.I recommend to all those students who are preparing for technical and HR rounds at present is, to do some courses like “Supply Chain Management” and follow the books which are recommended in this course. Generally I do not prefer reading books rather, I would prefer doing online courses regarding this field because I believe this would be more helpful than that.

hanks Rohan for all your tips.The next question is, What would you like to say for the 1st years who plans to intern in McKinsey company?

Actually this particular zone at the Knowledge Centres is far different from the Consultancies one which comes to our campus for hiring. Generally these knowledge Centres mostly hires only from IIT Bombay, IIT Madras and few other Business schools and they mostly do not prefer hiring students from other colleges.But sometimes, when they need more interns they release their HJD’s in January I’m not sure that if one should rely on this opportunity by skipping the CDC internship,because these are not sure to hire you.For a general supply chain management role, as I told you that if you have a very good knowledge and interest in this field then you should keep pushing yourself towards this and have projects and publications and everything related to this field. Generally,in India the majority of this field is occupied by the students who have done their MBA and all. So people generally don’t prefer having engineering students in supply chain management roles.But,yes I believe there are certain opportunities if you work very hard and develop a specific interest in this field.This is something I would give as a suggestion because it is not a generalise field in which everyone can try, so you have to have a very specific interest.

Cool,I think you have provided a great insight for 1st yr. students,Thanks Rohan. And my next question is, How to prepare for core discipline and describe the choice between core and non-core?

On speaking about this particular field in which I’m working on, is the supply chain management which is specifically the core of industrial engineering- which is my course and my masters is also in the same field. So this field for me is core but for someone else it would me non-core.Even if it is core or non-core it really doesn’t matter as long as you have a particular interest in any of them.So, I would only say that go for the one in which your interested because at the end of the game it totally depends on one’s particular INTEREST.

Okay cool , and then the next question is , What advices would you like to give for 2nd years, who are currently thinking about which area to pursue like Coding,Consulting,Data Sciences…etc?

First of all ,if they have an interest in any of them then should try exploring it further.For my part,when I was in my 2nd yr. I took 2 projects and also done a course on finance. I was also involved in AGV and I was also working on autonomous robotics. I also did 2 projects on data sciences.I also did 1 month internship in core mechanical engineering.This is how I explored and choose what to do and what not to do. The same thing goes to you also explore a lot of things, then you yourself can know what path to choose based on your interest.

So a last question, Is there any effect of KGP life on your achievement?

Obviously, there is a lot of effect of KGP life on my achievement.If I compare myself in 1st year and 2nd year there was a lot of change in me not just in my technical capabilities but also in my character and my urge or my ability to manage/handle the things. My major priority was being involved in SPATS and NSS. I have learnt about a lot of organisations ,time management skills. Apart from all of these, I was part of technical team of AZAD hall.Actually if you take part in any happenings which takes place in campus you will come to know about many things ,which may or may not come in use at present but they surely come in use in your future. As societies helps us to explore ourselves through different things,for example: I have to build UI for my project consideration in my internship, If I’ve thought back then in my 1st and 2nd years that everybody are doing machine learning and data sciences why am I doing web development where it is not useful though, by now I wouldn’t able to tell myself that I can do my work well.

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