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Abhishek Kumar
Placed at Tata Projects Limited

Interviewed By: Sadhvika

Hello Abhishek! This is Sadhvika from Communiqué. Heartiest congratulations on being placed at Tata Projects LTD. If I have your consent, may I take a short interview with you?

Thank you, Sadhvika! let’s have a discussion

How did you decide to go in the core profile considering that coding and data are usually in vogue and are most talked about?

From my first year itself, I wasn’t interested in coding. I was somewhat interested in Engineering drawing and mechanics. Based on this, I decided to stay in my department though I was getting chemical and industrial after the first year. I started liking my department courses during my second year. Hence I decided to develop a core profile. I was sure to not go for a non-core profile as I wasn’t very interested in coding, and it is an essential requirement for most of the non-core field placement.

What was the general interview process(number of rounds, questions asked, topics they questioned about each round, etc.) for the companies that you aimed for?

The company that I got placed in, i.e. Tata Projects Ltd., was hiring students from 4 departments, namely Chemical, Mechanical, Electrical and Civil Engineering. There were three rounds. First, there was a presentation which we had to attend. Then they shortlisted our CVs, and the last round was the interview round. The presentation is an introduction to the company. We are explained about their ongoing projects, what the company does, what services they provide. Like any other company’s ppt, they told us more about the company’s history and the achievements of our Alumni who were placed in the company. At least one of the interviewers will undoubtedly be knowledgeable in your specific field in the interview round. So one should be well prepared to face questions regarding the department courses. Students are also asked about the extracurricular activities they have participated in. Though it’s not a requirement, it’s a plus point. They will surely ask for the details about the PORs one has mentioned in the CV. All the department courses are essential for getting placed in a core company; some specific topics need to focus more on. I had talked to my senior who was placed in this company. He advised me to study an elective that most civil engineering students take up, Construction Planning and Management. General questions were asked. Some basic knowledge about this course is enough.

Many of us have heard that one should aim for going into the core sector only when your CG is high. Would you like to comment on that statement?

Participating actively in any activity during the 4 or 5 years spent at KGP will make anyone more confident about themselves. One can be sure enough to put in extra effort and hard work to get an internship and a job. Don’t be demotivated because of your CGPA. Be clear about which field you are interested in. Many of my friends not having a CGPA of more than 7.5 also got placed in core and non-core jobs. If one is not selected in the placement rounds, he can go for engineering services. It is considered to be one of the best jobs in the core field. So there are plenty of options in the core field and no one should let go of this chance because of their CGPA.

Any resources you’d like to mention which you used while preparing? Eg-any additionals you took, online courses, etc.

In my opinion, if one wishes to get into the core field, he should be confident in the departmental courses. Nothing more, Nothing less. You don’t require any other course. Most of the questions asked are based on the subjects taught in the 2nd and 3rd year. Hence to crack the interview round one needs to have an understanding of those subjects. If you have a CGPA greater than 8, you need not worry about the placement. Just continue studying at the same pace.

What was your strategy for preparation? Did you change it depending on which company you were aiming for and in between rounds?

I was preparing for Engineering Services before placement. When the placement procedure started, I decided to give it a try. I hadn’t spent much time preparing specifically for placement. Most of my friends had started preparing in the 3rd year itself, but I started preparing just a month before. Before the placement procedure, one can revise some mathematics and Quant, at least the part which is required for the test. A CGPA higher than 8.5 will give you an edge over others and is enough to get into a core company.

What are the opportunities in the core sector?

There are many opportunities in the core sector. In 2019, the Coal India company started holding the placement rounds in the 2nd phase. One of our seniors also got placed in it. Being a PSU, the company is considered a perfect opportunity. One must have a little patience during the placement process. After the placement, one can even try UPSC. If aiming for a government job, GATE and engineering services are good options. Further studies can be obtained abroad. If you are working hard in any field, you will always find many opportunities. I don’t think it is challenging to get a core job.

What would you like to say to the general KGP public out there? Any advice for them?

If they are in their 2nd year, I would advise not to worry much about placements at this point. They should pursue the things that interest them. It may include being a part of any society or participating in any social, cultural or hall activity. They can also participate in competitions like inter IIT. There are various such options at KGP. In the third year, they can learn new things which can be presented in the CV. If a student is enrolled in the four year B-tech course, he must make sure he bags an internship off-campus in the third year vacation. If not an internship, they must at least contribute to a project under a professor. A lot of 2nd students get training in their summer. That is also an excellent opportunity to get hands-on experience in the practical world. One will understand the requirements of a company and practical implementation of the knowledge gained. It does not matter where you are doing an internship or a project. What matters is how much of an effort you put into the work you do. I hadn’t applied for any off-campus internship during the CDC internship procedure. I thought that I can’t find a core field internship. So I contributed to a project under a professor of the Civil Engineering Department. The project was based on machine learning. Since it was used in around four fields, I found the project very captivating. Finally, I’d say placements should not be the only goal. One must try everything at KGP. Don’t miss out on anything. This chance won’t fall across our paths every day.

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